On this trip, we have three “guardians” as we call them. They will watch over us as we travel through new and exciting places. Here they are:

  1. Elvis – Elvis was given to us by my aunt and uncle, Amy, and Cris. They have two daughters, Addy, and Quincy. Auntie Amy found Elvis in a gutter on one of her travels. She’s been taking him with her ever since as kind of her guardian angel. She gave him to us so he can watch over us, and make sure nothing bad happens (I hope).
  2. Lucky – The preschool my brother and I went to was called St. Francis. I was one of the very first babies there, so the “principal”, Heidi Bugbee, became friends with my parents. We kept in touch, and that’s where Lucky came from. Heidi had Lucky for so long, and took him on so many trips, so Lucky has probably been around the whole world! I don’t think he’s been to Southeast Asia though, so this will be new and exciting for him too! She made it a tradition to take cool, and creative pictures of Lucky, so there is a section in our blog called Lucky the Leprechaun.
  3. Wander – Wander the elephant isn’t really a “guardian”, and he wasn’t given to us. My mom thought up the cool idea to take something from a friend of ours (with the parent’s help of course) and post pictures of it. Well, Wander is Ana and Rudy Zurcher’s elephant. We’ll be taking pictures of him with Elvis and Lucky, and without. I hope you like all of these pictures and are excited about what comes next.


picture coming soon………

Author: mialou272

I am a daughter and a sister. I am really excited about this trip! I love to read, and I love little kids. I also love animals. I am most excited about meeting elephants in Thailand.

3 thoughts on “Gaurdians”

  1. Minor correction: I can’t take credit for having saved Elvis from the gutter-that was all uncle cris. If I had seen him in the street I am afraid he would not haven’t gotten a second life attached to my backpack and would have headed to the landfill.

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