Three kinds of Porter

There are three kinds of Porters:

  1. A smallish, monkey-like kid who loves to play
  2. A beer that dad loves so much
  3. A person that carries that carries big, extremely large, very, very, heavy bags.

Here I am in Hong Kong:

Porter carrying big heavy bags



Here I am in Bali:

Porter monkeying around in the Indian Ocean

And about that beer…  We don’t really have a picture, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Editor and typists’s note:  Although we don’t have a beer picture, I was drinking a delicious cold Bintang (the Bali beer) while typing this for Poe.

Bali is awesome, Porter is out.

Author: pongy7

I am 10 years old, i am in 4th grade, and love to play soccer and goof around.

3 thoughts on “Three kinds of Porter”

  1. Love all three of those kinds of Porters…but especially the one from Bellingham, Washington.


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