About Us

Hello everyone! We are the Chezenney’s, or the Chesbrough’s. Whatever you know us better by. This blog will be about our family on an extraordinary trip to Southeast Asia. During our trip, we will be going to Bali and Lombok – Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. If you subscribe, you will be able to follow our progress, and comment on all the cool experiences. Now we’ll introduce our whole family.

  • Mia – Hello! I am the oldest child and daughter. I love to read, and am really excited about this trip. I will be in charge of the blog, so don’t be surprised if I do most of the posts. I hope all of you like our blog and enjoy following our progress through Asia.
  • Porter – Hi I am the youngest child of the family (besides our dog, oh by the way I’m male.) Anyways, I think this trip will be tricky, but extremely fun. I am a soccer person, I like to joke around, and most of all I love to be outside.
  • Amy – I am the mom, logistics master, coordinator, and worrier extraordinaire.
  • John – Papa J, Cheeseburger, the big stink, Johnny Ches, Le Chez, patio daddy-O, daddy.  I am interested in all people and things.  On this trip I am excited to explore questions like:
    • How will out family deal with euphoria and challenge in the same day?
    • Will my toes turn scaly if they only inhabit flip-flops for the next four months?
    • and, “How many Chili-cheese cheetos can Cheezy Chez chew if Cheezy Chez chose to chew Chili-cheese Cheetos?”
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