rain and sun in Bali

Our first 24 hours in Bali have been a lesson in opposites.  The first night we arrived ina “big rain” that seems like the sun had already set.  Here is Mia walking down the corridor towards our guesthouse.  

Amy on her way down the steps.

Ida and Komang (married couple) are our kind and funny hosts.  They showed us the rooms; we talked about the weather and kids for a bit. We quickly learned that Ida is Muslim and Komang is Hindu.  The owner of the place lives in Brazil and is Buddhist (sorry no pic yet).

We could barely keep our eyes open, but we dragged ourselves to a beachside dinner of chicken satay and fried rice.  

As we waited for food, everyone fell asleep on lounge couches!  No pic, though it was probably funny looking.  Food arrived and we perked up – delicious!  Back to our room, neither Amy or I slept well through the pounding rain.

The rain lasted all night, and we all crawled out of bed at first light, still tired and cranky.

Then the sun came out, and behold, so did our attitudes!  Our room has a beautiful view looking over the ocean.  

Sun and waves through the day with a predictable ending – our northwest amphibian skin turned to cooked-crab red.  Oops, bad parents.  Are there actually good parents out there for skin management?

The Grays just arrived last night, everyone is happy to be hanging with friends. It may be a few days before our next post, Wi-fi is spotty here.  Cheeseburgers in asia out to go on sunset beach walk!

Author: johnchesbrough

I am a dad from Bellingham, WA, excited to share our family adventure through Asia. I like to play in the mountains and wood, with my family, my dog, and with numbers.

5 thoughts on “rain and sun in Bali”

  1. Really enjoying my arm chair travel experience with you all already. Thanks so much for checking in and making me smile and laugh. I’ll be reading to Lucia and showing her all the pictures too. Enjoy the beach and working on your tans.


  2. Love the updates so far! Glad you’re stuck in one place for a while. Let the relaxation commence! We’re enjoying snow day #4 of the year and an unexpected early beginning to winter break. Addy tried skiing yesterday. She isn’t sure if she liked it. Love you all-


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