Sorry that this is a little late, I kind of forgot about it.

Merry Christmas!!! Our Christmas is a day ahead of yours (Bellingham’s), so I had to wait one less day than you. If I had emoji’s right now I would do squinty eyes with the tongue sticking out. Since we can’t really get a bunch of presents, or do all our Christmas traditions in Indonesia, we did a small gift exchange. We drew names from a hat, went to a market, were given 30,000 Rupias (the money in Indonesia) for each person, and secretly bought a present for them. The four kids did a second drawing though, so each kid bought two presents, and got two presents. I drew Darrell (Maya and Willow’s dad) for the big drawing, and Willow for the kids drawing. The market was really cool. I loved haggling for the price of the gifts. I got a bobbly head turtle and a mini wooden turtle calendar for Willow. I got a mini wooden fish calendar for Darrell. On Christmas Porter and I got candy and stuff in our stockings (socks) from Santa, then we went to the Grays house. -we were staying in separate houses across the street from each other- at their house we wrapped our presents and then exchanged them. I got a really pretty bracelet from my dad, and five wooden owls from Willow. I am sad to miss Christmas with my cousins Lane and Avery, but it was really cool to have it here in Bali.

Author: mialou272

I am a daughter and a sister. I am really excited about this trip! I love to read, and I love little kids. I also love animals. I am most excited about meeting elephants in Thailand.

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