Traveling with Friends


This is mia and maya.  We want to share how fun it is to travel with friends, in Bali, Indonesia.  🇮🇩

The traveling graybroughs on a beach in lombok

Here is a video trailer that I, maya, willow and Porter created by i-movie.

We were making fun of all of the stairs in Bali, the first place that we traveled to together. The first beach house we went to, you had to climb down millions and millions of stairs. Also, all of the temples were at the top of a mountain, so that meant even more stairs! The Chesbroughs arrived during a downpour. While the Gray’s arrived at 2:00 in the morning in pitch black darkness. Every time we wanted to go to town we had to climb all the way back up the stairs. It’s really fun traveling with friends because…
It opens up new possibilities for fun
There is someone your age to share the fun with. -Mia

You get to share all the cool experiences with other people
Instead of only playing with your annoying sister you get to play with other friends.

– Porter

Well there you have it parents, you should always let your kids travel with friends! Now, I would just like to note that when I typed in the word “annoying”, the suggested words that came up were family, friends, and people.😂

Written by Mia and Maya (Comments by mia and porter)

Author: mialou272

I am a daughter and a sister. I am really excited about this trip! I love to read, and I love little kids. I also love animals. I am most excited about meeting elephants in Thailand.

4 thoughts on “Traveling with Friends”

  1. Mia – you all are just incredibly clever; I can’t believe it!! What great discoveries about friends!! Love, love the video production.


  2. Love love the video. U have a future in cinema. We miss u. Happy new year. Luv to all. We are at Whidbey at Hossmans. Snow close by. Just called Adam to wish happy birthday. Luv grandma & grandpa.
    Go seahawks.


  3. Addy says “happy New Years! Can we watch it again?”
    Q “tank you Poe Poe”

    Rad video! I love the pool tricks and zombie stair climbs.


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