Silk Screening

In Siem Reap it was the choice between making five ceramics each using a pottery wheel and taking one home, or printing a design on t-shirts. We were a little worried about the ceramics making it all the way back home, but it’s all about the experience, isn’t it? Mom wasn’t completely sure what the silk screening was like, so on the way to the Angkor Thom, we stopped by. The people were so nice, and helped as much as they could with our design picking. Dad had the idea of making team shirts, with our Four4Four logo on them. Porter and I thought we should also have a design on them, and I of course wanted an elephant. Porter wanted the design he will pick if he ever gets a tattoo. A stick man backpacker.Mom and dad both liked the elephant design I had found, but it was way to complicated, because someone had to draw it on the computer. So they showed us a different elephant design that they had done before, and we all liked it. The problem was though, Porter still wanted the backpacker. I came up with the brilliant solution, if I do say so myself, and we decided to have the elephant on the front of a black t-shirt, and on the back our Four4Four logo inside a box, and underneath we put the stick man. Under the box was Cheeseburgers in Asia, because that is also part of our logo. Dad likes it so much, he is thinking of adding the backpacker onto our logo on the blog.

The next day, dad, Porter and I went back. Mom couldn’t come because she was sick. we think it was food poisoning. At the silk screening place, they took out our t-shirts, which we had fit to our sizes the previous day, and we picked our colors. I thought even though everything else was the same, we should have different colors.


I picked turquoise, Porter chose green, and dad, brown. we had to guess for mom, but she loved the white grey I picked for her. Then they showed us how to scrape the paint on to the stencil, and from there to the shirt. It was really fun, and you really had to put some muscle into it. Between the scrapings, they dried the shirt with a heat gun. they did this three or four times. After that, they took the shirt and compressed it in this other thing. then we did the back. It was a very unique experience, and we all love the way our shirts came out.


Author: mialou272

I am a daughter and a sister. I am really excited about this trip! I love to read, and I love little kids. I also love animals. I am most excited about meeting elephants in Thailand.

8 thoughts on “Silk Screening”

  1. Mia, Your writing is beautiful, just like the designs on your T-shirts. I’m enjoying reading about all the adventures your family is having. Love the picture of all of you with your T-shirts.
    -Great Auntie Karen


  2. What amazing experiences in the new roads you are all embarking upon!
    You’ll always be thankful you did this – all 4 of you!


  3. LOVE those shirts! And I just finished your dad’s post about the KKS school you all got to be a part of. Wow, made me think of the book, I Will Always Write Back. You read that one, right? Education is a privilege not to be take for granted.


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